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As my exploration into the realms of sacred geometry and mandalas deepened, I found myself drawn to the captivating art of crystal and pendulum healing. When presented with the invaluable opportunity to immerse myself in learning and certification at the esteemed School of Miako in Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina, my heart unequivocally resonated with a resounding ‘yes’. Witnessing firsthand the profound impact of this energy clearing and healing tool on my own personal journey and that of my children, I felt an unshakable calling to share its transformative potential with others.


The exact origin of the Hebrew pendulum remains shrouded in mystery. This ancient healing technique, transmitted through oral traditions, predates even the Sumerians. Some suggest it made its way to Europe through enigmatic Templar soldiers who acquired this wisdom in the Middle East. Others propose that the Pendulum was rediscovered by Pierre Heli, a French dowser from the early 20th century. 

Today, the Hebrew Pendulum is a tool accessible to everyone. Over time, countless individuals around the world have shared their knowledge of this technique, rooted in Radiesthesia and Radionics. They have transformed it into a gift for humanity, fostering healing and evolution through love and light.

In your sessions, you will encounter the original Hebrew pendulum, a sacred instrument crafted from walnut wood. It serves the dual purpose of diagnosis and healing, with the smooth side used for detection and the grooved side for emitting healing vibrations. The pendulum’s operation in three concentric spirals harmonizes energy through Hebrew ideography. 

Ways to Connect

What I have found as optimal:

💻We connect via Zoom for a brief chat to connect, test your energy, and align on your intention.

🌌 You disconnect from technology, find a space to receive the clearing and healing—whether meditating, creating, or napping.

🔄 I notify you when I open and close your energetic field. I spin the pendulum, test, clear, harmonize, and infuse loving healing.

🎧 You receive an audio summary directly  following the session and a video of the work the next day. (Yes you get to see who the pendulum moves!)

📅 Then we do a little check in in the days that follow.

  what to expect

Each session starts with protection prayers and the opening of your electromagnetic field. For this reason, I encourage you to find a relaxing, if not meditative environment to receive the healing. This is a special time for you. Put intention into it. Light a candle, play some relaxing music. Lie down, rest, and receive. It’s ok for you to fall asleep, mainly you don’t want to be out at the grocery when your electromagnetic field is open!

The session includes pre and post-assessments of your frequency, vibration, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states. Utilizing the pendulum we discern the specific protocol that aligns with your current needs. I record the sessions so you can later see how the pendulum moved and receive the information in a secondary way. Additionally, we examine the potential for any “homework” or supplementary work. an hour and are infused with Love and Light!  

We conclude the session by gauging the duration of the harmonization, conducting post-frequency measurements, testing for any other suggestions, and properly closing your energetic field.


Types of sessions

There are many protocols and after the foundational energy clearing, we will use the pendulum to determine any follow up sessions. A few of the most common include:

Chakra Clearing with Positive Energy Infusion: This is an ideal starting point for energy healing. It involves identifying and addressing five energetic interferences and systematically clearing each chakra. Following this clearing process, your energetic field is infused with 5 to 10 positive energies of 150 are selected to attune to your energy.

Energy Balancing:Achieve equilibrium in your energetic system through specific symbols to harmonize and balance various energy centers.

Manifestation Planes:Uncover and align with the energetic frequencies necessary for manifesting your desires and goals across different planes of existence.

Trapped Emotions: Release and heal emotional blockages that may be impeding your overall well-being and energy flow.

Post Vaccination Clearing: Address and clear any energetic residues or imbalances associated with vaccinations.

5 Elements Protocol: Harmonize your energy with the elemental forces, promoting balance and vitality.

Cholesterol Protocol: Focus on energetically addressing and supporting cholesterol-related concerns for overall well-being.

Session to Release: Targeted session to release and let go of energetic patterns or emotions that no longer serve your highest good.

Masculine / Feminine / Neutral Energy Balancing: Balance and harmonize the various energetic aspects of your being, promoting overall well-being.

Project or Business Clearing: Eliminate energy roadblocks that may impede your projects or business endeavors. (You will need to send me a logo something to symbolize your business or project)

Ancestral Family Tree Clearing: Free yourself from the ancestral energy patterns that have shaped your family. (You will need to fill out a family tree graphic in advance of the session)

Healing a Specific Ailment: Tailored healing for physical, emotional, or mental ailments.

Pet Chakra Clearing: Empower your beloved pets with balance and healing.

Energetic Home Cleaning: Restore equilibrium to the energy in your living or work space. (I will need a simple sketch or blueprint of the space you would like cleared)

Economic Clearing Enabling the removal of energy blockages that hinder financial prosperity, providing individuals with the opportunity for economic revitalization and abundance.

Integration Protocol: Facilitate the integration of various energetic shifts and healing experiences for a holistic and balanced well-being.


Kiki creates a humble, peaceful love bubble. I am working through ancestral money blocks with her and what’s profound is I am being guided to do stuff like cancel all those pesky subscriptions. There’s homework too which satisfies the student in me to take action along with the energetic openings that Kiki accessed for me!
I am deeply grateful! If you are drawn to this, do it. You will be held in the light and God’s graces through Kiki’s light and love ❤️


Gift Healing

Beyond the tangible, a session offers a gift of healing that extends beyond the confines of the 3D plane. Give the transformative experience of self-discovery and energetic alignment to your loved ones. The gift of healing goes beyond words—it’s an invitation to a journey of balance, insight, and light energy.

I feel like 50 lbs of weight has been taken off my shoulders. I’m even moving easier, have a little more vitality than I’ve had, and not as stiff in general, which has been a new feeling of just feeling restricted on every level. I can’t thank you enough 🙏🏼✨🤍 You are amazing and you have such empathy, I’m touched and honored that you helped me. I have been so, so stressed, to the point I didn’t even realize until the weight came off. Really going to do things differently from here with more ease and grace 🙏🏼✨


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