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Kyrstie Schultz - Mandala Whispers
Hi there! My name is Kyrstie (you can call me Kiki), and I’m originally from Texas, but I currently reside in a small town in the Argentine Patagonia most of the year. I am a mother of two amazing multicultural boys who are my greatest teachers and loves. Teaching has always been a part of my life, starting with my first career as an elementary school teacher and academic coach. In 2014, as motherhood evolved, I created a business called Vamonos NOLA, which aimed to bridge cultures and languages for children in New Orleans. I’m proud to have been a founding partner of that venture. 

During my 40th birthday trip to Argentina, my husband suggested that we move there for a year after he retired from the US Airforce. Initially, I thought it was crazy, but after some contemplation, we asked ourselves, “Fast forward five years, and if we hadn’t done it, how would we feel?” The answer was regretful, so we closed the back door filled with doubts and made it happen… This was my first realization that I can manifest my dreams!

So what happened?

path with wooden fence

My spiritual journey as an intuitive artist began in 2018 after making that bold move to Southern Argentine Patagonia. Before that, I would describe my life as orderly, being a dedicated mother, an Air Force wife, and running my own business. However, deep down, all the doing left little time for being. I was tired and unable to find my true north.

Moving to this small town forced me to slow down. I began to inquire into this busyness and need to rush about, trying to prove my worthiness. I explored various healing modalities that presented themselves in this special corner of the world, such as sacred geometry and crystal healing. It was during a mandala workshop that my creativity was sparked, and my connection to my inner voice deepened.

In 2020, life gave us all the Great Pause. During this time, coloring mandalas evolved into dotting on hundreds of rocks that line my dirt road. It’s hard to get slower than dot-by-dot. I didn’t understand all the messages that were coming through the mandalas, but I kept listening, releasing, and allowing. It was in the surrender that the whisper became very clear. Source gave me a definite nudge to bring life to Mandala Whispers and create what I now know as the process of Soul Compass Alignment.

In 2021, my husband returned to the United States, but I found the courage to honor myself and my path and remain in Argentina with my boys. We now live between Texas and Patagonia, honoring our family and our paths.

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Now, I’m a certified trainer, coach & retreat organizer


Having learned to tune in and follow the whispers, one beautiful synchronicity after another brought the perfect people, opportunities, and lessons to my life, leading me to pursue my certification as an Art Therapy Life Coach, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Access Bars Practitioner, as well as leading and organizing transformational retreats.

Combining my intuitive gifts with over a decade of experience in teaching, coaching, and leadership development, but most importantly, by following my joy, I am now living my purpose: to shine my Light through bespoke intuitive mandalas, workshops, spiritual coaching programs, and organizing and leading transformational retreats. My goal is to use my skills and experiences to help others tap into their intuition, trust their inner knowing,  and empower others to follow their joy making a positive impact in the world.

My hope is that whatever force brought you here, we have the opportunity to connect across time and space as each person’s journey to Soul Compass Alignment brings more light to this world. 

Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer
Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification (Accredited)
Access Bars Practitioner
Tameana certification

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