SPirit Animal series

Unlock the profound realm of Spirit Animals, where the sacred geometry of mandalas intertwines with the wisdom of animal guides. Spirit Animals serve as spiritual companions and guides, offering their unique qualities and traits to support and inspire us on our personal journeys. They are seen as messengers from the spiritual realm, reflecting aspects of ourselves and providing guidance, protection, and insight. When we connect with our Spirit Animal, we tap into a wellspring of ancient wisdom and intuition.

My Process

Discovering your Spirit Animal and selecting the perfect colors for your  creation is a process rooted in intuition and personalized guidance. Using your name, birthdate, and time of birth, I connect with your energy and utilize a pendulum and biometer  to intuitively determine your Spirit Animal. This ancient divination tool helps uncover the animal guide that resonates with your essence. Similarly, by tapping into the energetic frequencies surrounding you, I select or intuit the colors that best align with your Spirit Animal using a color block and pendulum. Each piece comes with a brief summary highlighting the significance of your chosen animal, offering insights into its qualities, teachings, and the symbolism associated with your selected colors. This personalized approach ensures that your unique piece of art serves as a profound anchor and guide on your spiritual journey, bringing forth harmony and a deeper connection to your inner self.

Accepting Orders for December, 2023 Delivery

How Long Does It Take?

One piece can take between 10 – 50 hours depending on the size of the mandala, but more so depending on the energy, connection and flow. It has been interesting to observe how some unfold quickly and others have taken an entire lunar cycle.

How Much Does It Cost?

I like to use an energetic exchange with people interested in my work. How does that work? It is an opportunity for you to listen to your inner knowing and pay what feels like an equal energetic exchange. If you are new to that, you are welcome to use the guidelines below and pay what you can. I ask that you send payment with a joyful heart and I receive it with a grateful heart asking that it be returned to all in greater abundance.

Price Guidelines based on size alone:

  • Small 5″ x 5″  (13cm x 13cm)  $44
  • Medium  8″ x 8″  (20cm x 20cm) $66
  • Large 10″ x 10″ (25 cm x 25 cm) $88

How To Order


Make every day special with our personalized mandalas.

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Spirit Animal:

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“KiKi delighted me recently with a beautiful, delicate spirit animal – the hummingbird. Little did I know at the time how significant her artistry gift would become for me. It’s as if this colorful, hand-painted hummer flaps its wings around me to encourage me throughout the day! I am grateful for Kiki’s intuitive creations – such joy she brings through her heArt!”

Kellie E.