Bespoke Intuitive Art Pieces

Bespoke Intuitive Art, is a one of a kind, uniquely personalized piece of art based on your energetic signature.

Every person has an energetic signature or a unique vibrational pattern associated with their energy and personality.

This can be sensed, perceived, and expressed in different ways.

As an intuitive artist, I tap into these energies using your name, birthdate and time of birth to create a one of a kind mandala that can be used as a tool for meditation, self-reflection, and personal growth.

It can serve as a reminder of your strengths and qualities, and can help you to connect with your own sense of purpose and meaning.

My Process

I set an intention before I begin, prepare my space with my paints, a candle and crystals, say a prayer asking for guidance. I write the intention on the back of the piece and on the other side, using a compass, ruler and a pencil I start by drawing the seed of life and any initial guidelines. I do not see the completed piece before I begin, but watch it unfold as the information comes through. Each piece is sealed and comes with a written message that I scribe through an automatic writing process.

Accepting Commissions for February 2024 Delivery

Delight your loved ones with the unique experience of creating a Bespoke Intuitive Mandala. Although the mandala itself will be delivered in February, the gift offers the opportunity to connect and immerse oneself in the creative process. The value of the gift certificate is dependent on the size of the Mandala chosen.

Video of the Entire Painting Process: A captivating visual journey showcasing the creation of the Mandala Art, from start to finish.

Channeled Message: Receive a personalized, intuitively channeled message to enhance the spiritual and emotional significance of the Mandala.

Free 30-Minute Energy Session: Clear and align energies before engaging in the intuitive painting process, ensuring a harmonious and synchronized experience. This additional value of $55 is included free of charge.

How Long Does It Take?

One piece can take between 10 – 50 hours depending on the size of the mandala, but more so depending on the energy, connection and flow. It has been interesting to observe how some unfold quickly and others have taken an entire lunar cycle.

How Much Does It Cost?

I like to use an energetic exchange with people interested in my work. How does that work? It is an opportunity for you to listen to your inner knowing and pay what feels like an equal energetic exchange. If you are new to that, you are welcome to use the guidelines below and pay what you can. I ask that you send payment with a joyful heart and I receive it with a grateful heart asking that it be returned to all in greater abundance.

Price Guidelines based on size alone:

  • Small (10cm / 4in): $33
  • Medium (14cm /5.5in): $44
  • Large (20cm/ 8in): $111
  • XL (28cm /11in): $222
  • XXL (36cm/14in): $333

“The intuitive mandala from Kiki has been an integral part of my meditation. I feel that the colors, geometry, and energy align beautifully with the energy centers in my body. It’s a treasure that offers a tangible way to connect with the deeper truth within.  I’m so grateful. “🙏🏻

Janet S.

How To Order

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