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Mandala Whispers: Where art and intuition unite.

Your whispers are your highest inspiration

Have you ever made a choice from a strong gut feeling? Imagine if those moments of unwavering certainty were the consistent compass guiding our lives. For me, mandalas were the catalyst to discovering, deepening, and aligning with my inner compass. These whispers redirected me from ceaselessly questioning to guiding me to truly trust my inner guidance.

In the Conscious Course ‘Connect the Dots,’ we’ll explore the profound impact of using mandalas to awaken creativity and embrace our inner guidance. It’s about transitioning from persistent questioning, disconnection, and the belief that life must be hard work, to becoming your own best friend. The result? Stepping into your power and living effortlessly, joyfully, and guided by your highest inspiration.

Through the melding of ancient energy work with the Hebrew Pendulum and whispers from sacred geometry, Mandala Whispers was born to guide us through the roadmap known as Soul Compass Alignment, uncovering your true north and fearlessly creating ease and flow in your life.

Envision the convergence of all the dots: bespoke intuitive art, creative expansion through dot art classes, energy clearing, and an intuition activation course — all effortlessly entwined into a transformative retreat in the Southern Argentine Patagonia. Join us for this enchanted journey in October 2024 or March 2025, where we will allow the magic of this year to integrate with cultural connection and the enchantment of the Andes Mountains. By the end of our exploration, you will know without a fragment of a doubt when you hear the whispers and life calling with a clear YES!

Where do the whispers take you?

My Certifications

Tameana certification
Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer
Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification (Accredited)
Access Bars Practitioner

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