Conscious Therapeutic Art

As a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and as a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach, I use mandalas as a tool to access the subconscious to expand one’s innate potential. No art skill is required. This is not a dot art class. Basic materials such as colored pencils, markers, ruler and compass are used to create meaningful and healing mandalas.

Topics include:

  • Tune Into Your Intuition
  • Soul Journaling
  • Liquifying Limiting Beliefs
  • Affirmation Art
  • Generating Gratitude
  • Visualization
  • Healing your Ancestral Tree
  • Exploring Emotions
  • Past, Present and Future Mandalas
  • Beauty from the Ashes Mandala
  • Manifestation Mandalas

Upcoming Class:

Tune into Your Intuition

Mandalas symbolize the universe’s interconnectedness and the infinite nature of consciousness. Creating or meditating on mandalas aligns one’s consciousness with higher realms, facilitating access to intuitive wisdom. Limiting beliefs, often rooted in past experiences, can be acknowledged and transformed through this heightened state of awareness. By reshaping beliefs through focused intention and manifestation, you can harmonize with the universe’s flow, promoting holistic healing and spiritual growth on a profound level.

Embark on a transformative journey through conscious art with us and experience the magic of our “Soul Compass Alignment” ! Discover the profound connection between your inner world and artistic expression as we guide you through the captivating realm of mandalas. Uncover the depths of intuition, challenge limiting beliefs, and harness the power of manifestation to shape your reality using our unique approach. Our system blends the wisdom of mandalas with intuitive insights, offering a transformative path of self-discovery and creative healing. Are you ready to align with your soul’s compass, awaken your inner artist, and embark on this enchanting voyage with us?


My Certifications

Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer
Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification (Accredited)
Access Bars Practitioner
Tameana certification


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