Touch Stones

Ground with Touchstones

Sitting on the tranquil shores of Lago Futalaufken in my cherished Patagonia, I allowed the delicate, smooth stones to cascade through my fingers. With each touch, I could sense the energy emanating from these perfectly worn, flat gems – a testament to the passage of generations. It was as though their very essence pulsed with the energy of Spirit, flowing through me. Little did I know then that these stones would eventually evolve into what I now know as Touchstones. As this evolution unfolded, it felt like the most natural and perfect progression – a connection bridging Mother Earth’s ancient energy, resonating through my soul, and reaching straight to the realm of the spirit.


Why Touchstones?

Touchstones represent more than just beautifully painted stones; they embody a profound connection to both the tangible world around us and the intangible realms of the spirit. These stones are like whispers from nature itself, carrying the echoes of generations past and the wisdom of the earth. When I hold a Touchstone in my hand, I feel the grounding energy of the land, the serenity of the waters, and the vastness of the skies. They are a reminder that we are part of something larger, a reminder to slow down, breathe, and embrace the present moment. Each stroke of paint, each hue, is a reflection of the intentions and energies they hold – a bridge that allows me to access higher realms of understanding, to find peace amidst chaos, and to channel energies that align with my journey. In their quiet presence, Touchstones are a tangible source of strength, a gentle reminder of the unity that exists between us and the universe, and an invitation to explore the uncharted depths of the self.

The Evolution

Accepting Orders for December, 2023 Delivery

What touchstone is best for me?

Trust in the whispers of your intuition; it knows the style of Touchstone that resonates with your soul. Many have been guided to request specific types, each carrying its own unique energy and purpose. There are the Chakra Touchstones, sought after for their ability to harmonize and balance our energetic centers. Then, the Archangel Touchstones stand as beacons of guidance and protection, offering a connection to celestial wisdom. And for those crafting sacred spaces, the idea of altar pieces accompanying crystals and sound bowls has also emerged as a beautiful choice. Your desires are the compass, and the Touchstones are the vessels that bring them to life, a testament to the magic that unfolds when you listen to the whispers within.

Pricing for one box and 7 stones: $77


How To Order


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How might one use Touchstones?

“In my daily practices I use the stones of the chakras, together with the quartz to harmonize my yoga room and office. Also to harmonize the chakras of the people whom I care for from a distance on the cloth and those who I personally care for directly in the body. I also use them personally to harmonize myself.”   ~Graciela Lopez (Biomagnetic Therapist)”

En mis prácticas diarias utilizo las piedras de los chakras, junto con los cuarzos para armonizar mi salón de yoga y consultorio. También para armonizar los chakras de  las personas  a quienes atiendo a distancia sobre el paño y a quienes atiendo personalmente directamente en el cuerpo. También las utilizo personalmente  para armonizarme.      ~Graciela Lopez (Terapeuta en biomagnetica)